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Do you feel isolated, alone and have a lack of understanding from the people around you because they are not listening to you?

Have you been filled with pills and emptied of hope, but still live in pain that affects your life?

Would you like to have a cuppa and a chat with someone who also lives with long-term conditions?

Do you feel you are stuck with memories of the past and events that you can't move forward from?

Are you worried about what the future holds or feel you have no hope for the future?

Are you fed up with the same boring life and want the future to be different?

Would you like to understand more about how the body, mind, and soul take the impact of chronic pain causing suffering, loss of hope, and loneliness?

Would you  like to discover what really is important to you and refocus on those things instead of the pain you are in?

I live with long-term medical conditions that have resulted in my life changing, feeling like a stranger in my own body and facing the daily battle of fatigue, pain, and mental health. I lost my life to chronic pain and I had nothing left to live for. I can share with you the feelings of loss, the numbness of existing with no joy in your life. I understand how it affects not just your physical body and your emotions but also every relationship in your life, I understand because I have been there and at times I still am there.

I have not discovered a miracle that has cured my long-term conditions but I have found a way to move my butt off the sofa and grab a little bit of enjoyment in life again after many years of focusing on nothing but suicide. I have made new friends who understand it when I say I am exhausted, I am in pain or I just don't know how much longer I can cope.

All I ever wanted was someone who would sit with me and listen, not judge, not give advice. Just to be there for a while. I wanted to laugh again at nothing, make memories and feel like I existed. There was nothing and no one there for me who was living with the same heartbreaking frustrations or limits. I was alone!

Over many years I have been studying Various pain, mindfulness, and Acceptance Commitment therapies, using these tools and the understandings learned I now hold support groups for people who live with long-term conditions in Northamptonshire. The main purpose of these meetings is to help people like me be with others who get it but also want more from life than focusing on the pain all the time. You can read more about this by clicking here


These groups are great for making new friends, getting out of the house, and seeing 4 different walls, but what if you are not there yet? What if you don't feel you can get out of the house? What if you want to see people who live with long-term conditions and need support but find even the thought of meeting new people terrifying? What if you know you are stuck in a cycle of depression and pain but just don't have the energy or know where to start to change things?

There still is hope...

Reach out, That little click of a button could change your whole life...
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